She hasn't influenced me at all, I'm my own person! (honks horn)
Zuri talking about Nana Bananas to Jessie

“Zuri's New Old Friend”
Season 1, Episode 6
Zuri's New Old Friend
Air Date

November 4, 2011


Sally Lapiduss &
Erin Dunlap


Leonard R. Garner, Jr.

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"Zuri's New Old Friend" is the sixth episode in the first season of JESSIE. It first aired on November 4, 2011.


Jessie wants Zuri to play with real friends instead of imaginary ones, but when Zuri befriends the much older Nana Bananas who wears yellow track suits, talks to her late husband named Harold in the park, and constantly squeaks a yellow horn when she makes jokes, Jessie is worried. Meanwhile, Ravi founds out that Mr. Kipling has found true love with a playground dinosaur.